Sunday, December 9, 2007

Still Speechless

United Hollywood's "Speechless" campaign silently plods along on the Internet and now Woody Allen has gotten into the act. For more clever fare by striking screenwriters, read on. First bookmark Ken Levine's blog. Then check out the writing team of Jonathan Green and Gabe Miller. They're trying to stick it to the AMPTP (the producers and movie studio muckety-mucks) with a daily log of all the brilliant projects they are not writing, including "Witchbot" and "A Bucketful of Forever" (a janitor finds the Fountain of Youth in the bottom of his mop bucket). Finally, for a more New York-centric view of the strike read The Adventures of Strikey courtesy of the bored and restless writers over at the Late Show with David Letterman. Speaking of dark humor, it appears the strike has no end in sight. On Friday reps for the studios broke off talks.

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